In My Kitchen

In My Kitchen, otherwise known as IMK, is a monthly post with many participants. It is a fabulous idea thought up by Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. From Celia’s wonderful blog (until December 2015) you can visit any number of IMK cooks in their kitchens around the world. As of January 2016, the IMK blogs were hosted by Maureen @ The Orgasmic Chef and now by Liz @ Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things. It’s like a global village, being able to pop into a virtual friend’s kitchen, although the virtual bit puts a damper on borrowing a cup of sugar.

I think of my monthly IMK posts as themes sparked by what’s been happening in my kitchen that month – food, gadgets and cooking equipment (both old and new), a favored spice, upcoming holidays, a new recipe (successful or disastrous), cookbooks (where would we be without books?) and other cooking inspirations, amusing or illuminating stories around the topic of food, or simply random thoughts…things I’d like to share. My kitchen and I will be there in the global village for friends to stop by, though it’s a shame about that cup of sugar.

In My Kitchen Diary (listed in reverse order of posting)

Tea, Cakes & Pie in My Spring Kitchen (1 April 2017)
In My Lenten Kitchen (1 March 2017)
Traditions & Experiments in My Kitchen (1 February 2017)
In A White Kitchen (4 January 2017)
In My Olive Kitchen (1 December 2016)
In My Market Kitchen (1 November 2016)
There & Here Kitchens (1 October 2016)
Veggies In The Kitchen (1 September 2016)
Ice Cream Kitchen (1 August 2016)
Filming In My Kitchen & Early Greek Cookbooks (7 July 2016)
In An Up & Down Kitchen (6 April 2016)
In A Soup Kitchen (1 March 2016)
In A Citrus Kitchen (2 February 2016)
In an Athens Holiday Kitchen (5 January 2016)
In A Kitchen of Oddities and Rarities (1 December 2015)
In An Eventful Kitchen (3 November 2015)
In An Athens Kitchen (6 October 2015)
In My Packed Kitchen (1 September 2015)
In My Fajita Kitchen (4 August 2015)
In My Lucky Kitchen with Family (7 July 2015)
In My Mini Kitchen (2 June 2015)
In My (Finally) Spring Kitchen (6 May 2015)
In My Bits & Bobs Kitchen (2 April 2015)
In My Sourdough Kitchen AKA Sourdough Chronicles I (3 March 2015)
In My Pastry Kitchen (3 February 2015)
In My Resolute Kitchen (6 January 2015)
In My Decanted Kitchen (1 December 2014)
In My Snug Kitchen (3 November 2014)
In My Well-travelled Kitchen (3 October 2014)
Nella Mia Cucina (1 September 2014)
In My Berry & Pickle Kitchen (1 August 2014)
In My Boulangerie Kitchen (4 July 2014)
In My Herb Garden & Dairy [Kitchen] (2 June 2014)
In My Eggy Kitchen (2 May 2014)
In My Foolish Kitchen (3 April 2014)
In My Pancake Kitchen (3 March 2014)
In My Marmalade Kitchen (3 February 2014)
In My Pomegranate Kitchen (5 January 2014)
In My Holiday Kitchen (9 December 2013)
A Cook’s Things (22 November 2013)
Prequel: Kitchen Archaeology (1 November 2013)


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