Breads, Crackers & Batter Breads

Breads & Flatbreads

vasilopita_1_baked Vasilopita
barley_bread_cut Barley Flatbread
oat_bread_featured Oat Bread with Groats
tortilla_wraps_feature Sourdough Soft Wheat Tortillas
costini_making1 Sourdough Baguettes
Whole Wheat & Walnut Sourdough Bread
Pennsylvania Dutch style Sourdough Pumpernickel
Schnitzerei Brod (Sourdough Apple Bread)
Sourdough Focaccia with Rosemary

Rolls & Scones

parmesan_rolls Golden Parmesan Rolls
cheese_scone Cheese Scones
koulouri2 Semit – Kouloúri (Sesame Seed Bread Rings)
petit_pain_chocolat_feature Petit Pain au Chocolat
lemon-blueberry_scone_prep2 Lemon Blueberry Scones
dakos_feature Dakos (Cretan Barley Rusks)
moravian_sugar_swirls_feature “Moravian” Cinnamon Sugar Swirl Buns
mini_cheesy_madeleine Cheesy-Herby Mini Madeleines
Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Chive Mini Madeleines
Lemony Sourdough Hot Cross Buns
Soft Sourdough Potato & Chestnut Pull Apart Rolls
Chestnut Tattie Scones

Pizzas, Topped or Filled Flatbreads

pizza_cooked Homemade Pizza
lamb_pizza Spicy Lamb Pizza
Potato & Metsovone Flatbread with Rosemary


rye_crispbread_feature Rye Seeded Crispbreads
seed_crackers Olive Oil Seed Crackers

Pancakes, Doughnuts and Other Batter Breads

derbyshire_oatcake_feb Derbyshire Oatcake
barley_pancakes Barley Pancakes
necci2 Necci (Chestnut Pancakes)
herb_popover Herb Popovers
bockings_feature Bockings (Buckwheat Pancakes)
perfect_blini_canape Blini
Chickpea Flour Pancakes
Tembelopita or “Lazy Pie” (a baked Eporite batter-style pita with cheese)

Main Meals that make a major use of Bread

feb_strata Full English Strata
panzanella_feature Panzanella with Borlotti Beans
pappa_pomodoro_finished Pappa al Pomodoro (Tomato and Bread Soup)

For various uses of sourdough see Sourdough Chronicles.


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