Meat, Poultry & Fish


salmon_encroute Salmon & Spinach Packet
kedgeree Kedgeree
sarda_pasta Pici con Sarde e Finocchio (Pici Pasta with Sardines and Fennel)
Beeton_mackerel Grilled Mackerel with Lemon-Parsley Sauce
squid_tagine Squid Tagine
Fish Plaki (baked fish with vegetables)
Baked Plaice with Avgolemono
Cured [White] Anchovies


chicken_leek_pie Paprika Chicken & Leek Pie
turkey_ham_pie_before_baking Turkey & Ham Pie
1740_curry To Make “Currey” the Indian Way (18th century recipe for Chicken Curry)
chicken_curry Chicken Curry (1950s style)
herbed_mustard_turkey Herbed Turkey Breast Steaks with Mustard Sauce
Armagnac_verjus_chicken_prep2 Armagnac Verjus Chicken with Dried Fruits
‘Gypsy’ Chicken (slow-cooked clay wrapped chicken)

Pork & Ham

pork-apple3 Slow Cooked Pork & Apple
hot_lightning_finished Hete Bliksem met Worst (Hot Lightning with Sausage)
feb_strata Full English Strata
turkey_ham_pie_before_baking Turkey & Ham Pie
pork_ajvar_kajmak_rolls Slow Cooked Pork, Ajvar & Kajmak Rolls
gluhwein_ham_prep3 Mulled Wine Ham
hoggan Hoggan (Pork Cornish Pastie)

Beef & Lamb

carbonade Carbonnade Flamande (Beef in Beer)
lamb_pizza Spicy Lamb Pizza
kebab_prep3 Lamb Kofta Kebabs
roast_lamb Slow-cooked Lamb with Lemon & “Mountain Herbs”
Meat (Lamb) Pie from Ioannina

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