Books on Food

Personal reflections on cookbooks (old and new) and other books (and podcasts) on food, cooking and culinary history that have inspired me. Archived is The Cookbook Guru, a former blogging cookbook club, all about testing recipes and evaluating cookbooks. Click here for my participation in The Cookbook Guru.

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Alford, Jeffery & Duguid, Naomi

📚 Beyond the Great Wall: recipes and travels in the other China. Artisan, New York: 2008

Attlee, Helena

📚 The Land Where Lemons Grow: The Story of Italy and its Citrus Fruits The Countryman Press: Woodstock, VT 2014

Bateson, Dusha & Janeway, Weslie

📚 Mrs Charles Darwin’s Recipe Book Glitterati Incorporated: New York 2008

BBC Radio 4: The Food Programme

📚 Citrus 13 February 2017 [podcast link]

Chataway, Mrs N.

📚 The Bulawayo Cookery Book and Household Guide. Philpott and Collins: Bulawayo 1909; reprint Jeppestown Press: London 2006

Collison, Bill

📚 Cook, Eat, Smile. Saltyard Books, London: 2011

Federman, Adam

📚 Fasting and Feasting: The Life of Visionary Food Writer Patience Gray. White River Junction, Vermont, Chelsea Green Publishing: 2017

Gray, Patience

📚 Honey From A Weed: Fasting and Feasting in Tuscany, Catalonia, the Cyclades and Apulia. North Point Press, San Francisco: 1990

📚 Biography of Gray: see Federman, Adam Fasting and Feasting (listed above).

Henry, Diana

📚 Crazy Water Pickled Lemons. Octopus Publishing, London: 2002

📚 Roast Figs Sugar Snow. Octopus Publishing, London: 2005

Kamman, Madeleine

📚 When French Women Cook: A Gastronomic Memoir. 10 Speed Press, Berkeley: 1976

Kiros, Tessa

📚 Twelve: A Tuscan Cookbook. Murdoch Books, London: 2003

Kremezi, Aglaia

📚 The Mediterranean Pantry. Artisan, New York: 1994

Lanza, Anna Tasca

📚 The Heart of Sicily: Recipes and Reminiscences of Regaleali, A Country Estate. Clarkson Potter, New York: 1993

Linford, Jenny

📚 The Creamery Kitchen: Discover the age-old tradition of making fresh butters, yoghurts, creams and soft cheeses. Rayland Peters & Small, London 2014

Loomis, Susan Herrmann

📚 French Farmhouse Cookbook. Workman Press, New York 1996

McPhee, John

📚 Oranges Daunt Books: London 1995

Prior, Mary

📚 Rhubarbaria: recipes for rhubarb. Prospect Books, Devon: 2009

Romer, Elizabeth

📚 A Tuscan Year: life and food in an Italian valley. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London: 1984

Simeti, Mary Taylor

📚 Pomp and Sustenance: Twenty-Five Centuries of Sicilian Food. Alfred A. Knopf, New York: 1989

Thelin, Emily Kaiser

📚 Unforgettable: The Bold Flavours of Paula Wolfert’s Renegade Life. Crowdfunded, printed by M & P Berkley: 2017

Wells, Patricia

📚 Bistro Cooking. Workman Publishing, New York: 1989

Wolfert, Paula

📚 Biography of Wolfert: see Thelin, Emily Kaiser Unforgettable (listed above).


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