I am a Victorian at heart and like any good Victorian, I’ve kept diaries and notebooks full of observations and memoranda. The diaries mostly deal with my kitchen or kitchen garden – new recipes or notes on modifying old ones, the best (biological) methods of dealing with aphids and ants, lists of cookbooks to look for, composting tips, menus and guest lists for past dinner parties or buffets, sketches of garden plans, the history of a particular food tradition…etc. And, since I also have my feet firmly planted in the digital age, the diaries have been translated into blog posts about my kitchen (In My Kitchen or IMK) and garden (Garden Diaries). I also thought to chronicle my adventures in the kitchen with occasional posts, experimenting with specific categories of food (Sourdough and Gelato).

Click on the links below to get the complete listings, in chronological order, of the diary entries.

In My Kitchen
Garden Diaries
Sourdough Chronicles
Gelato Chronicles

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