Baking, Etc.

fig_costata_pastry Sweet Pastry (Pasta Frolla)
sweet_orange_shortcrust Sweet Orange Shortcrust Pastry
beeton_jamturnovers_prep1 Rich Shortcrust Pastry
roast_pumpkin Pumpkin Purée
Chestnut Purée
baking_powder_jar Make Your Own Baking Powder
cranberry_mincemeat Cranberry-Quince Mincemeat
Vanilla Sugar
rosemary_sugar Rosemary Sugar
ricotta_whey Repurpose Whey
Homemade Phyllo Pastry

Cheeses & other Dairy

ricotta Homemade Ricotta-Mascarpone
feta_feature Feta-style Cheese
kajmak Cheat Kajmak

Sauces (Savoury & Sweet) & Syrups

pizza_precooked Marinara Sauce

barley_sourdough_pancakes Blueberry Sauce
strawberry_shrub_prep2 Strawberry Shrub Syrup
Berry Syrup (from berry pulp)
Chocolate Sauce

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