[Not] In My Kitchen

This past month has seen me mostly OUT of my kitchen (as well as off my blog) – mainly travelling or, when not travelling, keeping my head stuck in a book and my fingers clattering on the computer keyboard. When I have other distractions or am blinded by research tunnel vision, the kitchen is not one of the places you will find me. Pity, since I do enjoy puttering around making bread, risottos, soups, creating pasta dishes from whatever I can cull from the larder. Recently, in my travels, I saw something that epitomised my present position. It was a plaster cast of an ancient funerary monument, obviously dedicated to the woman of the house. The cast depicted the clasped hands of a couple – the female identified by the bracelet – and the accoutrements of the lady of the house – a key (the chatelaine), an upright loom with a stool in front of it, a scroll with a pen and ink pot. Obviously, the lady of the house engaged in needlework and literary endeavours. Missing, of course, was anything to do with the kitchen.

My own endeavours over the month have not included needlework, but they did begin with books in the British Library.

London was dreary, but it does have its moments. The view from my window looking out at the dome of the British Museum at dusk. At the end of a cold wet day spent, for the most part, in a warm library.

A little later in the month, I was looking out another window in different part of the world. Weather had definitely improved – sunny, clear, but still cool.

This was the view from one of the turret windows of the White Tower of Thessaloniki. I’ve passed this monument many times, but this was the first time I went up to the top. Definitely too many stairs, but the view was worth it.

Perhaps later in the month I’ll be back in my kitchen and perhaps more active on the blog, too.

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  1. hi debi
    thanks so much for joining in IMK with us this month even if you weren’t in your kitchen much. I definitely like the second view better. all that blue sky and sunshine; tho I would adore being in the british library. I love london tho after years of living in a sunny State (QLD) i couldn’t bear to live in a wet place anymore. (I used to live in victoria, a rather cold and wet state of australia). have a great month. cheers sherry


    • I almost didn’t write an IMK this month, but it s a habit now that is hard to kick. It is such a great group of bloggers. Must stop by others’ kitchens to see what they are up to. Might give me inspiration!


  2. Debi, I’m glad you posted even if you weren’t in your kitchen. Your photos were worth a thousand words! (Loved what you wrote, too.) What a thought provoking analogy between “the lady of the house” and your own kitchen-less situation. Seems like both of you have led multi-faceted lives and followed your hearts. xo


    • I’m glad I posted, too. It seems to have kick-started me into blogging again. The idea came to me when I spotted the plaster cast of the funerary stele. I was waiting for a lecture to start and my eyes went roving over the cast gallery…. We all have multi-faceted lives – makes life interesting.


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