Door at Number 13

Every time we go to Nafplio, the old Greek capital town in the Argolid region of the Peloponnese, I reacquaint myself with the door at number 13 Vasilissis Olgas. In the tourist season the building is gentrified by adding potted plants in front. But, I think the façade looks just fine without – a graceful lady of a certain age with good bones. Perhaps she takes after her street namesake – Queen Olga of the Hellenes (1851-1926).

The door has become an old friend, always there, not changing much over the past few years. I expect at some point she will either succumb to the ravages of time or get a face-lift. If the former, I hope gracefully and if the latter, I hope tastefully. However, I’ve captured her (and her matching sentinel windows) for now. I think she is at a beautiful phase of decay with fading pastel colours and subtle textures.

* * *

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