Gelato Chronicles

Ever since getting my professional ice cream machine, I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of iced churned sweets – ice creams made with an egg custard base, Sicilian gelatos that replaced the egg with corn starch, non-dairy sorbets and icy granitas. There is something luxurious about these ices that appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth.

I’ve also been collecting sources for techniques that will allow me to create my own combinations. Some of those sources have been blogs: the top three, The Ice Cream Nation, Serious Eats, and David Lebovitz. Some other sources have been books: primarily The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz, Ice Creams, Sorbets and Gelati: The Definitive Guide by Robin and Caroline Weir and The River Cafe Pocket Books: Puddings, Cakes and Ice Creams by Rose Gray and Ruth Rodgers.

It is an ongoing adventure, chronicled here.

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Falling Mandarins (22 February 2017)
Sorbetto making with fresh mandarin juice.

Gelato Lessons (19 October 2016)
Tips and lessons learned from a gelatieri in Lucca, Italy: Gelato and sorbetto making is not easy and requires a perfect balance of ingredients.

Butterscotch Ice Cream (1 August 2016)
Egg custard style ice creams and the use of cream cheese as one of the dairy ingredients.

Orange-Mandarin Curd Ice Cream (19 January 2016)
A creamy ice cream made with a citrus curd – a technique that can be applied to any fruit curd.

Apricot Frozen Yoghurt (18 August 2015)
Easy frozen yoghurt recipe using jam and honey.

Gooseberry Spoom (23 July 2015)
Large quantites of Italian meringue used in making a gooseberry “spoom” – a sorbet-like ice.

Finally Sorbet (21 July 2015)
Italian meringue as a stabaliser in making a black currant sorbet.

Frozen: More Unexpected Results (18 June 2015)
The use of alcohol (rosé) in making a smooth Sicilian style granita.

Spring Pastels (21 May 2015)
Three examples of Sicilian gelato using different flavouring consistencies and the the beneficial results of using jam in making gelato.

The Art and Science of Gelato Making, Sicilian Style (19 May 2015)
The science behind the basic Sicilian style of gelato made with a corn flour (starch) custard base.

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