Kitchen Chronicles

Perhaps I should have called this section Kitchen Alchemy or Mad Scientist in the Kitchen. But, even I (exaggeration inclined, as I am) recognise that these would be a bit over the top. What these Kitchen Chronicles are really about are my experiments in the kitchen (like an alchemist or mad scientist, so the analogy is fanciful, but appropriate). Over the course of nearly two years writing this blog, while delving into the mysteries of kitchen creations, it has become clear to me that there are a few things that I am really passionate about – things with which I have achieved a small degree of success. One is bread – or anything made with yeast, particularly sourdough or natural yeasts. The other is iced desserts – gelatos, sorbets, granitas, and the like. No doubt there will be other categories of things in future, which I will add as the whim takes me.

Follow the links below to track my various experiments – trials and errors, things I’ve learned, and a few brilliant happenstances when you hit on the perfect recipe or technique. In the posts there are links to others who are also experimenting along the same lines. As in everything, we learn from each other.

Sourdough Chronicles
Gelato Chronicles

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