Tiny Joys

Trending on my Twitter feed in the last several months has been #TinyJoy which has always brought a smile to my face. People have been posting on little things that bring them joy in these difficult times. It could be as simple as that first bite of a crisp tart apple, crunchy crust on a newly baked homemade sourdough bread, rediscovering music of our youth, a butterfly landing on a flower, little ducklings swimming on the canal, miraculously finding space on your bookshelf for more books, or (for one DIY follower) that perfectly grouted bathroom tile.

We are back up north in Greece to Zagori and my tiny joy was a peaceful early evening walk along the Voidomatis river. It was wonderful to be out of the sweltering heat of Athens, in the cool of the countryside with its peace and quiet. We walked down a well made cobbled path (kalderimi) which are typical of the area. It was lightly littered with dried leaves reminding us know we are at the cusp of autumn. You could just see glimpses of the blue water of the river through the trees.

All the colours of green were highlighted when the raking sunlight filtered through the trees.

We were headed towards the Monastery of Spiliotissa, a small monastery along the river built into a cleft in the rock. A shiny beacon at the end of the path was the bell tower of the church built into the rock outcrop that overhangs the river. Never mind the door to the monastery was locked. The key is held in the near-by town of Aristi, so we’ll be back soon with the key for more exploration. But, for that evening walk, it was enough just to be there.

Along the shore of the river, we were able to see the evening sun striking the mountains behind, turning them gold.

And, the gently flowing water held a certain fascination. Definitely #TinyJoy.


  1. I’m feeling envious of your travels about Greece. A little trip anywhere in this country would bring me great joy. Our lockdown is one of the longest worldwide. Nice to find you here again Deb.


    • I wish things were different. For now (at least) we can travel around Greece, but we tend to avoid hotspots and cities and have not stopped at interesting places along the way as we usually do. Also, by now, we would have been back to the UK at least 2 times and would have been able to see our son. It isn’t the same thing talking over FaceTime. I am glad, however, that you have outdoor space and a large garden (or it seems from your photographs). I really feel for those people who are locked in tiny apartments or don’t have access to outdoor spaces. Keep well, Francesca.


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