Time Passes…

Time certainly passes. What was intended as a short break from blogging turned into a 6 month long sabbatical. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been thinking of my blog community, but I walked out the door and things happened to get in the way of coming back in. Well, today, I had a sharp reminder of what I have been missing. We were on the way to the Mani – the wild and rocky finger of a peninsula of the Peloponnese. Nafplio, that lovely neoclassical jewel of a Greek town, was a slight detour enroute, but always worth the visit. It was there that I spotted the door at number 13.

That door featured in one of the last posts I made before the long absent stretch. It was an update on the state of a lovely old door that took my fancy that I first posted about in the summer of 2017. Back then, it was a slightly sagging and rotting door with wonderful colours and textures set in one of those building that had “good bones”. The sort that displays beauty despite – or, some may argue, because of – its age.

Last spring the façade was undergoing a facelift. I remember hoping that the old lady (the door, not the real lady sitting in front) of Number 13 Vasilissis Olgas would fare well. Then she still had her bandages on.

Now, she has been revealed – as good as new, made functional. She is still lovely, but perhaps some of the elegance of a bygone age has been lost. Time will pass, so who knows? She might acquire some of that “antiqued” elegance again.

Just like the top of the house which still has some of that old patina…

Glad to be back with Norm’s Thursday Doors for more stories of fascinating buildings and their doors.



  1. Welcome back and thank you for the before and after shots. The older image makes for a nicer photograph, I think, but I don’t have to live behind those doors. They made a nice job of cleaning it up, lovely shade of blue.


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