Update on the Door at Number 13

It seems like a short time ago, but in actuality, it has been nearly two years since I posted a story of the door at number 13 Vasilissis Olgas in the Greek town of Nafplio. We were just recently visiting the Argolid from Athens and were strolling the pedestrian streets of the historic neighbourhood of Nafplio. I nearly passed by without recognising Number 13. This is the spot where I photographed the lovely old, fin de siècle door back in 2017 (seen immediately below), of soft pastel colours and fading elegance.

I remember thinking at the time that it was inevitable that the house would get a facelift, and hoping that it would preserve the beautiful nature of the façade. I’ve been told there are two types of architectural restoration – one that seeks to recreate the original look of the structure when it was brand new, the other to simply stabilise, still showing quirks it acquired during its history. I think the former is happening at Number 13. It is still work in progress: the doors removed, the plastered area above the lovely pinky stonework redone and painted a uniform pastel grey – not showing the patina of age – and the arches now a pristine white – looking as good as new. The lady in red (who gave me permission to photograph) provides a nice counterpoint to the scene. I wonder what it will look like when the doors are returned? Must make a note to come back and document the building.

Around the back of the same building in a parallel street, number 13 Vasileos Alexandrou retains its aged, but still dignified, doors.

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  1. Hmmm, I think they did a pretty good job and I think the patina will come. It always does. Even if it’s a bit “newish”, I’d sit there with some tea and relax. 🙂



  2. Love the soft colors of the weathered doors. So serene. Hope the new ones are as pretty. We may need to check them out this summer. Happy Orthodox Easter. Are you cooking?


  3. Beautiful doors. It’s interesting the the back of the house has the same doors & window as the front. Gorgeous all around. it will be interesting to see the end product on the front. Nice shots.


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