Signs of the Times

Although I didn’t religiously publish photo challenges offered by WordPress’ Daily Post week-after-week, I did see it as an occassional source of inspiration, an outlet for many of my travel photographs. I was sad to see that it had ended with a final instalment. Yet, there are many other photo challenges out there to fill the gap.

This end has make me think more about what these challenges mean: on one hand they provide a structure and a community in which to share images; and, on the other hand, they restrict the content and insist that it fits in with a set theme. In future, I may contribute to one of those photo challenges as the mood strikes. But, for now, I am content setting my own themes.

Normally, I do not post anything political or controversial. But, this theme has been steeping for a while, much longer than it takes to stew tea into dark tannic sludge. I’ll let these images speak for themselves.

Signs around London:

Plus, an “incendiary” and rather dystopian image on the tube:

A sign at the airport frequently seen as we depart from the UK to go to Greece:

And lastly, signs of the times observed in London near Pall Mall on 23 June 2018 … filled with passionate conviction.

In addition to occasional contributions to photo challenges, I will continue to link up to a great (and light-hearted) community of bloggers who share a similar interest in the sport of door-spotting – Norm’s Thursday Doors. Of course, it won’t stop me from posting a few independent photo essays, particularly if it is a story worth telling.



  1. And your present post is a story well worth telling. It’s good to laugh in the midst of the bitter anger and despair many of us are feeling about the current state of affairs in the UK.


    • Thanks! Ever since the referendum I’ve been drawn to photographing these “exit” signs whenever we are in London – a way of coping, I think. It is frustrating, sad, bitter and sometimes comical (especially when looking at the Guardian’s satirical political cartoons). For most of the year we are out of the UK, but we have family there and keep in regular touch with what is happening since we will be returning at some point in the near future. We have to hope the future will be better and I hope that the march for peace helped in some way to achieve that end.

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