Lined Up

Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time when everything lines up in your favour. One Sunday we were strolling down Vasilissis Sofias – one of the main boulevards in Athens that leads to Syntagma Square and the Parliament building – on our way to the Benaki Museum. It was a bright spring day, a month ago, and we were just about to turn into the entrance to the Museum when we heard horns playing. And there they were coming towards us down Vas. Sof. – a military marching band followed by the elite guard known as Evzones. They were lined up, wearing their ceremonial uniforms, marching in synchronised lines to the dirge of the horns.

Starting from head to foot, each of the guards wears Farion tasselled caps, intricately embroidered Fermeli waistcoats, Ypodetes (wide sleeved white shirts), the characteristic Foustanella skirt, Periskelides (woollen stockings) held up by Epiknemides (silk garters), and followed by the heavy Tsarouchia clog-like shoes with pom-poms at the toes. You can see an officer between the two front soldiers holding a flag. His uniform is slightly different – a more intricate waistcoat, red stockings and red and gold knee high boots.

Then the Cretans in a line:

And turning the corner at the crossing lines.

Lines: The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge


  1. Yes, in this instance I have been in the right place at the right time! But never knew any of the names of any of the parts of the uniform – thank you for bringing a tiny piece of Greece into my Sunday viewing way over in Australia . . . .

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    • I’ll let you in on a secret…I also didn’t know the names of the uniform parts (except fustinella), but good internet research can usually fill in the gaps. I was glad to have seen this.


  2. how marvellous to see this. i think we saw some of these guards when we were in athens years ago. we also accidentally ended up in some kind of political march with about a million (literally) other people. exciting times:)


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