Kalo Pascha!

Kalo Pascha! Today is Orthodox Easter and all around Greece people are celebrating with feasts (lamb, of course). There will also be a lot of red eggs – symbols of blood and rebirth. It is the custom here to tap the tip of a red egg against someone else’s egg. The one whose egg does not crack, naturally, receives good fortune.

I posted an Easter related image last year that makes me smile.

A straw hen basket roosting in a tree, filled with red eggs.

Smile: The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challange.


  1. Kalo Pascha! Having been interested for more than a few decades in the Greek Orthodox Easter as versed to , , , I do not celebrate Easter tho; interested I traditionally made lamb and had red eggs on the table . ., . . enjoy Eha


    • I do enjoy any kind of celebration and the traditions attached to them – something for the anthropologist in me. It is a wonderful opportunity being able to experience Orthodox Easter here in Greece.


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