I’d Rather Be…

I’d rather be exactly where I am. I used to be a “grass is greener” sort of person, but now am content spending time exactly where I am. At the moment, I am enjoying early spring in Greece. The wildflowers are beginning to come out and we’ve been exploring the countryside.

A happy pink face growing in the ruins of an ancient tomb:

Exploring is best when not planned. A momentary choice is all it takes when you see a brown road sign that marks the location of an archaeological or historical place of interest. Recently we diverged when we saw the one for the Bronze Age tholos tomb at Nichoria in Messenia on the way back from visiting Pylos. The turn-off took us down a bumpy and rutted gravel road through an olive grove and past a fenced farmyard with curious goats and barking dogs. We parked just short of our destination and walked the rest of the way due to a rather large (non-navigable) hole in the middle of the track.

Along the dromos or long entrance way to the tomb:

Looking down, minus its dome:

A short diversion, but well worth being here.

I’d Rather Be: The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge



  1. “Exploring is best when not planned”…I would agree that this is largely true….serendipitous discoveries often have more resonance, but not always!


  2. Very nice post. The grass isn’t greener over there because we all carry some baggage and one never knows what the other has going on. Better to learn to be content in the moment and if not then it is up to us to change it. If we don’t compare ourselves to others then life can look pretty good all the time. This is not competition – its life to be enjoyed at all times. Thank you for sharing!


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