The Shape of Apples

You don’t have to go any further than our local Athens laiki (weekly market) to find variations on a theme. It is peak apple season here in Greece and the stalls were loaded with all varieties – red, green & yellow; round & oval; large & small – and any variety in between.

Don’t ask me the varieties. It’s all Greek to me.

Variations on a Theme: The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge



    • Well, at the moment it is really cold in Athens, so what you think if as a Mediterranean climate is simply the late spring to early autumn when it is sunny and warm (sometimes too warm) when beach holidays are a thing of the present. There are apple growing areas here – many of them in high areas where it is generally cooler than the coast. Growing seasons are also different here. Winter is apple and pear season; it is also the best time to grow tender lettuces and other greens. Come visit Greece in winter. It is cool, lush and green.

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  1. Yes I was a bit surprised too about apples 🍎 and Greece. Then again a Mediterranean climate is perfect for them I think. It’s a couple of months till Apple season here in Aus.


    • The cool weather now in winter is ideal for such crops. It is a shame that Greece has a rep for sun & sea and few experience the diversity the country has to offer. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying those apples.


  2. That is quite a lot of apples there. So many to choose from. Hoping that most of them are sweet…I like my apples sweet and to me, that makes a good apple pie 🙂


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