Silence over the Laconian Plain

On a wet winter’s day the UNESCO world heritage site of Mystra was silent. True, a few hearty tourists braved the intermittent drizzle to view a number of the spectacular churches and monasteries on a steep hillside of the ruined Byzantine town. But they didn’t venture far up the hillside. One such monastery or convent – Pantanassa – high on the hill is still occupied by a community of nuns. They appeared to be absent on the rainy day we visited – not a soul stirred from the buildings.

From the terrace of the convent’s Catholicon (Cathedral), dedicated to Pantanassa (which translates as “Queen of All”, an epithet of the Virgin Mary), is a view towards the Laconian Plain over the rooftops and chimney stacks of a monastic building. The sun made a brief appearance and all was silent: no birdsong, no cats mewing (there are many that live in the ruins), no other tourists clattering or chattering. It was a peaceful moment.

Silence: The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge


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