Tenacious Growth

Winter in Southern Greece can be quite green. It is often the best time to grow tender lettuces and other salad crops in the garden. Similarly, weeds (which are often foraged for salads and pita fillings) and wildflowers can be found everywhere in the landscape.

We recently visited the ancient and medieval site of Acrocorinth and it was no surprise to find green growth tenaciously thriving in the walls and cracks of the cliffside in which the fortress was built.

Second gate into the fortress.

Acrocorinth towers over the ancient city of Corinth and was once the Greek acropolis (complete with temple). The fortified high place has also seen Romans, Byzantines, Franks, Venetians, and Ottomans – all eventually succumbing to the vicissitudes of history. It stands as a ruin today.

Frankish tower on the Southwestern peak.

However, the plants endure. A growth of cyclamens eke nourishment from a crack in the rock:

And many more…

Growth: The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge


      • We visited Greece for Christmas several times when my husband’s parents were alive. I enjoyed being there that time of year. As you said, cool, sunny, and green! Hopefully, we will get back there in the winter again one of these days.

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    • Hi Sandra. Since the site is so steep, the climb up (on horrible cobbled paths that tend to twist the ankles), I need to stop every once in a while to catch my breath. It was then that I began to notice the plants in the cracks + I had the WP Photo Challenge word in mind. However, the sights were spectacular. We had never been here before – shame on us as it is only a short ride out of Athens.


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