Scale in Ioannina

Situated prominently in the Iç Kale (the inner kastro or castle) of Ioannina is an intricate wire cage. It marks the tomb of Ali Pasha (1720-1822), the Ottoman ruler of most of Rumelia (encompassing parts of modern day Albania and Greek Epirus, Western Macedonia and Thessaly). Close by, it appears large in scale.

Moving further away, the wire cage tomb is seen in a smaller scale next to the minaret of the Fethiye Mosque.

Still further away, the entire mosque comes into view. The Fethiye Mosque was once the main mosque of Ali Pasha’s palace, but is now a museum dedicated to him and contains a number of his personal possessions. From this perspective, the scale of the tomb is reduced further and even the mosque appears small compared to the mountains in the background.

Scale: The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge



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