What’s in a Name?

Coinciding with my recent 4th year anniversary on WordPress, I am taking the opportunity to change the name of my blog. At the time I started this blog, my previous title, My Kitchen Witch, seemed appropriate as kitchen witches are old Germanic superstitious poppets, a bit of folklore said to protect cooks and the kitchen hearth. Plus, I have one hanging in my kitchen back in the UK. However, I feel that the “kitchen witch” title can be a bit misleading and it doesn’t seem to have much to do with my current life here in Greece.

Coming up with a Blog title that reflects what I really want to convey to the world is very difficult. I’ve taken my cue from my original sub-title: An Evolving Life. These are my observations on food, travel, history and tradition. It is a much more flexible title that I hope will evolve with my life.


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