Billy Goat Waiting

You never know what you will encounter when hiking. A few days ago, we were on the trails that extended the length of the island of Ayios Achillios in Lake Prespa, located in the Northwest corner of Greece. I was on my own on the lower path, as my companion veered off earlier to seek the heights for better views to photograph. It was then that I encountered a billy goat waiting.

Those long horns and the frank (seemingly malevolent) stare stopped me in my tracks. I used the zoom feature on my iPhone despite knowing that digital zooms are blurry, but there was no way I was going to get much closer. Standing just by the 10th century ruins of the basillica of Ayios Achillios (for which the island is named), the waiting game began. It seemed ages, but I was not the first one to blink. The billy rounded up the nanny goats, keeping an eye on me the entire time, and headed straight down the path where I was waiting (no zoom required!).

Proving to be non-threatening, he herded his harem out past me and up to the hills.

Of course, he couldn’t resist one last stop, waiting to see if I moved.

Waiting: The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge



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