Fish Focus

The Central Market, located on Athinas Street in downtown Athens, is a huge double apsed cathedral-like structure. One apse is dedicated to meat and the other contains an endless procession of fish stalls. This historic landmark building  has high clarestory windows that barely admit light to the ground floor. And, the market is so cavernous, that a series of bare bulbs are needed to light the stalls even on the brighest day. The artificial light blurs out of focus into the distance. The seafood in the foreground, on the other hand, is highlighed in clear focus – γαρίδες at 12.99€ per kilo.

A view from behind the scenes shows a blurry focus at the edges:

Word of warning: never wear sandles while buying fish here. The area is sluiced down regularly after an untold number of fish are gutted and filleted before being popped into a stiff paper cones and stuffed into a plastic bags ready to transport home.

Focus: The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge



  1. There’s nothing better than a good old style market. At the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne they used to skin the rabbits in front of the customers and a river of blood would flow across the concrete floor. Sadly they don’t allow such cheap thrills nowadays. 😉


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