One of my favourite things to browse on the web (not least Pinterest) are all those wonderful ideas for upcycling or repurposing objects which no longer serve their original purpose for one reason or another. Much better to re-use than to throw these things away.

Just before we relocated to Greece, I had wanted to bring a few things with me that reminded me of home. These translated into numerous kitchen items, but also a quilted coverlet made from patches of cloth I had collected over time. These rags were once parts of shirts, skirts, jeans, decorative pillow covers, tea towels, napkins, curtains, cloth left over from recovering dining room chairs, etc. Actually, any fabric that caught my attention was thrown into the pile.


Not really being a quilter, I turned to a method sometimes referred to as a log cabin quilt – billed as a foolproof method for beginners. Simply, each square of batting is stitched with scraps starting in the centre and radiating out until you get to the edge of the square. Each square alternates between a light centre (ending in a dark periphery) and the reverse. When you have enough squares, they are cut to a standard size and stitched together (alternating your light-dark centres) into strips and then the strips are sewn together. A backing cloth (a large sheet will do) is attached and sewn on and edged. Voilรก!


Repurpose: The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.


  1. Debi, you are a true American girl creating a patchwork quilt diary from your favorite fabric! Perfect timing
    with this year’s cooler Athenian winter. Well done!


    • I guess I would’t call myself a sewer either. I can just about do straight lines. I’ve thought about using this technique for smaller things like placemats, so patience not really required! And, I disagree – you must have had infinite patience as well as loads of sewing talent to produce that beautiful wedding gown.


  2. I can barely sew, I wish I could create something that lovely. It has a very “home” feeling to it ๐Ÿ™‚


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