Moon Shine

Early one evening we were about to cross one of Athens’ major thoroughfares, Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, on the way to a lecture. Standing at the traffic light waiting for it to change, I happened to look up at the Orthodox church that sits in Rizari Park across the street. The moon had just come out from behind clouds and it was a shining serendipitous moment. 

Moonlight and the raking evening sunlight at dusk shines down on the silvered dome of Ayios Georgios – Saint George.


Shine: The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.


    • It really was a moment! Coincidently, I had just been talking to the person I was walking with about my new obsession with photography on my iPhone. I explained that since the phone was with be most of the time, I could capture chance moments – and then one presented itself!


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