Cycladic Quest

Our day started out in the near dark as the crew climbed on board the caique, the work-a-day boat of the Aegean. Eager students and professionals alike on a quest to uncover the remains of an Early Bronze Age site somewhere off the coast of a small Cycladic island.

Enroute to destination.

Quest: The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge. 


    • Taken yesterday morning – couldn’t resist posting it when the internet was available again. It was either that or a Cycladic windmill to symbolise that man of futile quests, Don Quixote. Will save the windmill for a future post.


    • It was very exciting. The morning light was exactly like it shows in the pic. I must have taken a dozen or more of the same scene until I got one I could work with and then only marginally enhanced. I think you will get some useful tips from iPhone Photography School tutorials. I follow them on Facebook, so it is easy to pick and choose which topics to read as they are posted.

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      • My iPhone6 for some reason seems ‘crap’. Not sure if my dodgy hands have anything to do with it but it sure needs improvement! Geoff took some great shots in Greece & Turkey with his…..Grumble out loud.

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  1. I’m nowhere near you and I feel excited, Debi. This is my kind of adventure. You should have seen me on Crete. Then again, it’s probably good that you didn’t. πŸ™‚

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