Musical Rarity 

What is Rare? There are reams of words of similar meaning listed in the Thesaurus, depending on the various definitions of rare.

  • Rare is uncommon, unusual, scarce…
  • Rare is precious, unique, peerless…
  • Rare is frail, delicate, ethereal…
  • Rare is commendable, estimable, praiseworthy…
  • Or, rare is simply undercooked.

Rare – scarce, unique, and some delicate – Greek musical instruments can be found in the praiseworthy Museum of Folk Musical Instruments in Athens. As you can see below, I was collecting images of instruments related to plants & animals, although there is nothing here that is undercooked.

Baglamádes (singlular baglamás), small three double-stringed plucked instruments. On the left: back of a baglamás using a gourd as a sound-box, late 19th century. On the right: baglamás using a tortoise-shell soundbox, from the interwar years (1920s-1930s). Both of these are handmade, making them one of a kind.


Floyéra, flutes, each individually made from a wing bone of a large bird of prey. Unknown date.


A large lira – a Vrondólira – its three single strings (one missing) played with a bow and its neck ending in an the carved head of an agrimi – the rare wild goat of Crete. From that island, dating to the early part of the 20th century.


Rare: Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge



    • As an ex-libraian, I guess it is second nature for me to reach for the thesaurus. I have a dictionary and thesaurus on each of my electronic devices – perhaps a bit of overkill, but we all have our quirks. This challenge was a struggle, but then I guess if it were easy, it wouldn’t be a challenge. I just wish I could have done better with photography through the glass cases. There was so much light bouncing off it and the reflections were a nightmare.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I think you will really like the museum. It really is a little jewel. The bells and drums in the basement were very interesting from a folklore perspective, did’t take any photos there. Personally, I love Cretan lira – ethereal when heard outdoors among the White Mountains. My other half likes all forms of Greek popular folk music. He’s the real reason we trooped downtown to see the museum.


    • It is a great LITTLE museum, so it might become difficult to loose your way. Although, It is entirely possible to spend an entire afternoon there looking at the instruments and listening to the music played through headsets at each display. Great music.

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