Lazy Morning Walk

A morning walk along the coast in the sea front village of Lefkandi on the island of Euboea (Evia) – lazy meandering, soaking up atmosphere, whiling away the pre-coffee time before breakfast is served.

Calm sea views (with boats) through the tamarisk trees …


… another boat with the Greek mainland in the distance …


… and yet more boats in a quiet cove …


… and next to the boat in the image above, a solitary fisherman sitting on the pier among piles of netting.


Morning: Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challange.


  1. How lucky that the fishermen in Lefkandi can still fish! So many locations in Greece are quite over-fished.
    It is a very hard life but they would not want to be anywhere else. Thank-you, Debi, you are always thinking
    of your following!

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    • We saw a few people with lines out later in the morning, but didn’t see anyone out in the boats. Nevertheless, they weren’t all pleasure boats and the nets looked like they were used. I guess there are still a few places for fishing, but perhaps not intensively. It is a problem. Thank goodness the days of fishing by dynamite are gone!


  2. There are a few fishermen left in our bay in Patmos who cast and pull in their nets out of love for the sea.
    They often return with very little or nothing to sell to the tavernas. Not an easy life at all but


  3. When I lived along The Lake or visited Michigan, the best days always started with a walk along the water’s edge. Your photos reminded me of how much I enjoyed those strolls. Thanks, Debi.

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