Many things are narrow In Mystras, a medieval kastro and fortified town in the Peloponnese of Greece, a UNESCO World heritage site near Sparta. It is built on a high peak in the Taygetos mountain range on the side of a narrow gorge.

A narrow rampart along the high kastro (castle) wall.

A narrow view towards the Taygetos Mountains

A narrow gateway between the upper and lower town.

A narrow colonnade and narrow bench along the wall in the church of Agia Sofia.

A narrow tower behind the monastery of Peribleptos.

And, many narrow calderimia (cobbled streets) all over the Byzantine town.

Narrow: Daily Post’s Weekly Challenge.


  1. I had to do a double take. I take part in the photo challenge most weeks on my other blog, Third Person Travel, but I think this is a first for you, am I right? Regardless you photos are fabulous, what an amazing site!

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    • Yes, a first for me. After doing the WP photo course, I caught the bug – plus am really loving the spontaneity of my new(ish) iPhone camera. I follow Third Person Travel via Bloglovn’, but I should really rectify matters and hit the follow button in WP, too. Really a pleasure looking at both your’s and Francesca’s photos every week.


  2. Oh, what you can accomplish with an iPhone camera! Fabulous photos of Mystras’ narrowness. I love exploring the Peloponnese which could be from an archaeological point of view, the richest in already
    rich Greece.


    • I really love my new iPhone camera. We spent the entire day wandering around the site (in 40 degrees C) and still didn’t see everything. We promised ourselves we would go back in spring. I think the Frankish/Byzantine/ Venetian/ Ottoman remains on the Peloponnese are spectacular. Have seen many, but still not all.


  3. Welcome to the weekend fun of photo prompts. Your take on ‘narrow’ is just fabulous and makes me want to head to Greece soon. Nice big bold pics, full of intriguing cobbled stoned lanes and history. I look forward to more.


  4. Now, this is the way to answer a challenge! Great shots, Debi. I would love to get lost in thought, strolling down those narrow paths, ramparts, and the like. I’d be in heaven. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • It is really a lovely place. We will try Monemvasia which is in the same region next time we there. Monemvasia is a medieval town that is still inhabited and is right on the coast. It is what Mystras would have looked like if it were still inhabited.


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