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Finally having put my head above water, I’ve realised that what I thought was only a short break from blogging has turned into three months of blog silence. How did that happen? Well, excuses, excuses… Things got busy – very busy. Plus, I’ve been travelling a lot, London (England), Uppsala (Sweden), Thessaloniki (Greece), Pylos (Greece), etc., etc., etc.  Travelling also meant that I missed meeting Maree from Around the Mulberry Tree who recently visited Greece. Perhaps next trip, Maree. Or perhaps, I may make it to Australia some time in the near future.

Finally we got a break and the academic year has come to a close and I can breathe! I have missed my blog friends very much and often thought of you all. I’m working on a new post that I hope to have up by next week. Some interesting things have been happening in my kitchen, complete with film crew, so stay tuned.



    • Thank you, Francesca. I know I suddenly (abruptly!!!) stopped posting. Frankly, I was running on stored up posts written previously and when they ran out…well, I can’t say it won’t happen again, but for now, I have breathing space and hope to post more regularly. Have thought of you all, too, and wondered how you were all doing. Good to be back in the mix again.

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  1. Hello Debi,
    It struck me today that I should go to your last blog and see if I missed an announcement! Glad to hear that your traveling has kept you busy. Welcome back! In Pylos you must have visited
    S. and J. to see the tomb. After two and a half months, including
    a beautiful Easter week in Patmos, we are leaving for the US.
    All good wishes,


    • Pylos was at Greek Easter with S and J – definitely saw the tomb (or where it was located as it was still backfilled) and got a sneak-peak at the new Palace of Nestor and its grand new covering and walkway. Very, very nice! Hope to meet up sometime in the near future here in Greece. Forgot to mention Kythera as one of our travel destinations – an island dear to our hearts as Patmos must be to you.


    • Thanks, Glenda. Yes, I know it is a hobby, but I felt I was missing something – not only the act of expressing myself, but more importantly, the lively interaction of other like-minded souls. Really glad to have that breathing space to be back on the blogosphere.


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