Shades of Orange

Autumn has finally arrived here in central Athens. Shades of orange – dull russet and terracotta, subtle salmon and rose gold, almost red cinnabar, bright orange and tangerine – can be seen everywhere.

oranges_from_laikiNew season sweet oranges from the Argolid, purchased at the λαικί

bouboulinaHints of orange on Bouboulina

mandarine_in_gardenMandarines ripening in the garden

pistachio_tree_leavesPistachio tree leaves

late_rose_november2015Orange-red of a late rose

terracotta_brick_garden_wallDeep colours of a crumbling brick garden wall

ruined_terracotta_potsA clutch of “ruins” – ubiquitous terracotta pots, chipped and cracked, waiting to be repurposed

bouganville_november2015Bright blooming bougainvillea

greek_pumpkins_featureGreek Pumpkins

pumpkin_tartBaking a pumpkin tart – celebrating Thanksgiving in Athens!


  1. Lovely shades. We have just sadly said goodbye to the last of the oranges for the season. I will miss their juices and brought colour. What an interesting shade for a bougainvillea, lovely!


    • I love those terracotta pots – jumbled in the kitchen garden, out of sight. However, I think if they were positioned leaning into each other, with trailing things growing out of them, it might evoke a kind of ruin. Worth trying, anyway. I am, indeed, thankful for blog friends, not last yourself. It is a wonderful community we are building across many countries.


  2. Such a wonderful collection of photos featuring fall’s color palette. That’s a beautiful rose. I always hate to see the season’s last blooms wither, though that’s better than seeing them snow covered.

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