What could be more annoying than finding your favorite brand has changed its label? Particularly irritating when you just popped into the market to get a few necessary things and the clock is ticking on your already tight schedule. All that time lost hunting the shelves for something that was a was right under your nose – camouflaged by a new label design, new logo, or even a slightly different name!

So, apologies to my readers in advance. Yes, Transplanted Cook is rebranding. When I started my blog a little over six months ago, I scrambled for a title, eventually settling with Transplanted Cook. It was okay as far as it goes. It defined me as an expat – living and cooking in a “foreign” country. However, that was not all that my blog came to be about.


Authors who write fiction often say that their characters sometimes independently take on a life of their own. In my case, my blog acquired a character of its own. When Elaine @ foodbod set me a list of questions for her series, Why We Blog, it made me sit back and analyse. My answer to her question “How would you describe your blog?” had me answering that it was about food and culinary history, interesting food customs (and superstitions) and traditional ways of doing things, particularly British and European. But, it is also about my family traditions, my garden, and my serendipitous creations in the kitchen.


Trained as an archaeologist, that is how I view the world – through history, customs, traditions and superstitions, often reflected in material culture. I am also a home cook – cooking in a land not my own, better placed, I believe, to observe “native” customs. So, searching for a new “brand” to reflect this, I didn’t have far to look than my kitchen witch. She is the focus of one of my earliest posts, Burnt Toast in the Morning. Kitchen witches, old Germanic superstitious poppets, are said to protect cooks and the kitchen hearth. Mine is now nearly half a century old, a thing of shreds and patches (as Gilbert and Sullivan would say), and has graced every kitchen in nearly every house that I’ve lived in.


As of my next post, my blog title will change from Transplanted Cook to My Kitchen Witch. Me, my content and focus will still be the same – same product, different label.


    • Strega di cucina? I wonder if there is Italian folk customs about (good) witches and kitchens. I know of La Befana, but that isn’t really the same. Thanks, I think the title will suit!


  1. Having a catchy title may perk up interest in some quarters, but it’s the content and focus that keeps us coming to visit. I like ‘My Kitchen Witch’.


    • I agree – initially my mind went blank when I started the blog – confronted with a form to fill in! I’m glad I’ve been able to let the blog’s own personality develop before giving it a new title. Thanks!


    • I should give her a name. Honestly, I don’t consciously remember packing her up with each move, but she was always there when we unpacked. She’s now a bit of an icon in the kitchen!


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