To My Liebster Award Nominees

I thought I got away with it, but I’ve been caught out not following the “rules” of the Liebster blog Award. I copped-out by not asking a series of questions for my nominees to answer in my last post on Awards. All I can say is that my brain went on shut-down 😯 after listing random facts and answering my own questions from Cheesy Biscuit.


Well, generally being a rule follower, I am now posting the questions for the following – should they choose to accept it. (That sounds suspiciously like Mission Impossible?! This message will not self-destruct!)
Please Pass the Recipe
Shivaay Delights
Farm Girl School
The Vintage Cookbookery
That Other Cooking Blog


1. If you could invite any cookbook author to dine with you, who would you choose? (Don’t restrict yourself to live authors if you wish to invite someone from the past.)

2. What are three things most commonly found in your refrigerator?

3. You’ve been invited to travel to a destination of your choice on an all expenses paid culinary tour. Where would you choose?

4. You need to stir the sauce in the pot, which spoon do you reach for – wooden or silicone?

5. If you could have a dish named after you, what would it be?

6. What music (if any) would you play in the background for a romantic dinner?

7. What three essential things would you pack for a picnic?

8. What is the one food you could never give up?

9. What is the best smelling thing you have eaten?

10. What is your idea of a perfect day out?

11. What is your most memorable meal from childhood?

I’ve culled ideas for a few of these questions from the back of old Bon Appétit and other cooking magazines. Inspiration comes in so many places!

Don’t forget to list some random facts about yourself in your post. (I won’t insist on the full 11 that the official rules state – rule bender here – but if you want to, please feel free to list all 11!)

Whether you choose to follow these rules or not, I think you all deserve the award!

Finally, back to a little cooking!!!